Practical Systems Support & Solutions







What can Auchy offer you?

Ensure your computer is working to its maximum efficiency by –

• Keeping up to date with current Windows security and program upgrades

• Keeping virus software up to date and set up to give you maximum protection

• Check you are backing up the data that is essential to the running of your business

Plan for a computer disaster by –

• Ensuring your back up strategy is sound

• Test and document a recovery procedure

• Audit your system for insurance claims and rapid recovery on alternative hardware

• Provide temporary replacement hardware when yours is not available

Provide you with IT support for –

• Resolving problems with non-functioning computers

• Troubleshooting program problems

• Showing you how to use the Microsoft Office programs productively

How Auchy works with you


A one off system check to itemise your hardware and software, identifying specific issues


Either ongoing or ad-hoc to resolve specific problems when they occur

Project Work

Creating solutions to enhance your IT hardware & software

• Networking and Internet connection solutions

• Firewall and Virus Protection

• Upgrade or replace your computers



• Application solutions and training

• Solutions to enable you to be back in business as quickly as possible

• Provide replacement hardware whilst yours is being repaired

• Recover your data from your back up media

• Design and test recovery strategies to suit your business